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Default Re: rcazzy's Fan Art & Manips Thread

Hey guys,

Been a while since I last posted but I'm working on new stuff I think will be pretty cool if I can finish it. I recently started using my 3d modelling programs for fan art and given my love of making manips, I decided to try and create a model of Spidey from The Amazing Spider-Man to use for poses and custom posters and stuff.

I only began it earlier this morning, but I've finished the model I think (apart from the eyes....undecided how to do them right yet, I've even done mapping of Garfield's eyes and upper face in case I want to put them behind the lenses!) and I'm testing the texturing and before I finished for tonight I wanted to share it here. Still a major WIP but I hope it turns out well. Also working on a model of Bane but that's proving infinitely harder to me given my relative inexposure to his mask.

Manips have reinvigorated my excitement for superhero films

My own Fan Art & Manip Thread

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