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Default Re: Bigger threat: Loki vs. Joker? Mischief vs. Chaos

Round 3: Getting the Bunny

Having destroyed one significant landmark in the city, the character's primary nemeses are busy dealing with the disaster. During the ensuing confusion, the agenda (and opportunity) is perfect to cause a holocaust that's much more personal...

The objective of Round 3 is to kill a supporting character, either an ally or a love-interest. The methods to do so, as always, remain open to improvisation.

For Loki, the potential victims are...

Sif "The Beautiful Haired"

"Doctor" Jane Foster

Heimdall "The Sentry"

Professor "Myth-Knowing" Selvig

Baldur "The Other Brother"


Phil Coulson, "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."


THE JUSTICE BULLETIN published some of my thematic analysis on the symbolism in Nolan's superhero saga.
I call it Heroic Archetypes. You can read the parts on Batman Begins in the following links:
(pt 1; pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5; pt 6; pt 7)

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