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Default Re: Spidey Suits & Suit Creation methods. - Part 1

So I am a little further along in my SDCC 13 suit aquisition process, and as you may have read, I need to buy suits in bulk. If anyone wants one (this will ship to you as a sheet of dye sublimated lycra, you have to sew it, but otherwise, it is good. Cinema quality) I am going to be charging about $125 per suit you want done.

You may have also seen my designs are a little less than traditional, so I went ahead and whipped up this pattern if anyone would like it instead of my more TASM take on the classic suit.

Here is the gist of what my "Amazing Fantasy" suit will look like. It is a reinvisioning of the classic suit from Amazing Fantasy, with a thin chest strip, and a low riding spider-symbol.

It has the more modern honey-comb pattern, that is what makes it modern, and the redesigned spider-symbol. A hybrid of Webb's symbol, and the contemporary symbol seen in the comics

Web shading. It makes everything look real nice, inspired by how Romita Jr. draws Spidey's webs. I always liked how he made the space between the webs look segmented. I wanted to emulate that in a way. And in the process of trying to make it look passable, I came up with something that looked cool as all heck.

Just PM me if you are interested.

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