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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
man I feel like a douche. Im towards the end and I overheard Wreav go on about how he cured the Genophage, not knowing I sabotaged his efforts when I betrayed him to the Salarians. Sorry buddy but if you survive this final battle, your race is going extinct
The way I see it, if Bakara is still alive, curing the genophage with Wreav leading isn't so bad. After all she tell you flat out that that if Wreav gets any ideas about conquest, she'd tell the females not to breed.

Throw the rules out of the window, odds are you'll go that way to.

Backtracking is the basis of all gameplay. Only a fool wouldn't recycle assets to lengthen gameplay
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