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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

I am also a bit late...

Iron Man 3 is - in my view - one of the worst MCU movies, although it is a funny movie and i like the Tony Stark character (but he was better in IM 1 and 2)!

There are so many issues with this movie, can not count them all... it was a total mess from the start to the end!

What comes to my mind:

- Pepper saving the day
(that was too much)

- War Machine useless
(just look at the scene, where he gets caught. No fight - just one small touch - come on. And if AIM supports his suite, why they did not do it a different way?)

- removing the arc reactor from the chest
(PLEASE??? Comes a little bit late, or not? Just think about IM2 and Stark almost dying because of this... no no no)

- kids
(no kids as sidekicks in superheroes movies please - although it was not as bad as i feared)

- panic attacks
(come on - that was so bad made, that every one who has this problem for real gets angry)

- Mandarin
(i liked every scene with Kingsley - it was great, but as the Mandarin TV spots were just perfect, to see, that it was just a fake, it gets me angry - totally wasted potencial!!! That was, what annoyed me the most - especially because they did that just to do their Extremis-story. The whole mess could influence a future Mandarin appearence too)

- No Iron Man
(if the movie titel would have been "Tony Stark" - okay, but as a Iron Man movie there was to less Iron Man in it. Tony Stark is Iron Man - YES! But actually it was just Stark acting - the armors where just tools, and HE used a lot of different other tools in this movie. Therefore - it was a Tony Stark movie, and NO Iron Man movie)

- collapse armors
(Come on - every damn armor collapsed in this movie. He can fight every opponent, but if the amor crashes with a truck it collapses - aha)

- helicopters destroying his home
(although the scene showing the rocket flying on the TV was really great, the scene as a whole made no sence. He offers a challenge, he was not prepared, he - IRON MAN - does not really fight (ahh, the armor is a prototype - can not fly, can not shoot... aha!!), nobody else is interested although it was live on TV etc.)

- it was not clear, why they needed Stark Industry
(they asked first Pepper - NOT Stark - to make a deal. Why? As they seemingly needed Tony Stark! And, did they need him to correct the formula? Why? And if, why Killian said that they want to control both sides? WHAT was their PLAN?? To kill Stark to get Pepper or to "kill" Pepper to get Stark???)

If i would think more about the movie, i would find some more issues. The movie made over 1 billion dollar - hmm...
I know, that you can explain some issues, but overall it was simply to much - there are to many things wrong with this movie!

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