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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wouldn’t say that; I mean sure, Dean Cain didn’t place as much effort in his performance in distinguishing the characters between the two like someone such as CR had done for his role as Superman. However, the general feeling that I got from the L&C interpretation was that Clark was trying to make Superman come off as more larger than life, more so than his normal personality, thus a way of differentiating the two personalities, I think that was the intent, course the execution of that intent could be argued if it was successful or not.
Where did you get that from? He played them practically the same, and Lois still had a close relationship with Superman in L+C.

Their portrayal was a complete bastardization of the character.

Such a concept wouldn't fly in the Superman version of Batman Begins. If the material is grounded in some level of realism, intelligence and logic, the CK disguise is absolutely necessary.

Making Superman into 'the disguise' is incredibly tricky. How could he possibly exaggerate himself beyond his normal personality as Superman? Clark's real personality should be quite heroic and outgoing. Heck, there are pictures of Clark saving civilians on the oil rig before even becoming Superman.

It's easier and more logical for Superman to play himself down with the reserved 'Clark Kent' reporter disguise, and adjust his mannerisms, voice and appearance (with the glasses, hair and work suit).

Superman as the facade makes no sense.

Superman as the disguise:

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