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Default The Untold Story?

I just finished playing the Amazing Spiderman video game. I combined what I've learned in the video game, what I learned from the movie, and the rumors I've heard, and I've realized what this "untold story" truly is! In about the middle of the game, Peter comes back from Oscorp after the failed antidote cripples Allistair Smythe. Then, Connors makes an improved antidote. The reason the original one didn't work was because Connors used a blood sample from an imperfect cross-species. An imperfect cross-species means that the foreign animal species has taken over the human host. For example, Connors/The Lizard would be considered an imperfect cross-species, because when he injects the lizard serum, he lets the foreign species (the lizard) take over. The new serum uses a sample of Spiderman's/Peter's blood. And it worked, because Peter is a "perfect cross-species". This what Connors called Peter, referring to the fact that something about his blood allowed him not to give way to "the spider". (Here comes the untold part) What was it about Peter's Blood that kept him from transforming?

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