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Default Re: Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Studios films ranking thread

Marvel has done a great job with post avengers movies so far. Bringing IMO 2 of the top 4 films since avengers. I'll see TWC again this week. It's not telling since I've seen each release more than once in theaters.

In no order the top 4 films are TWC, Avengers, IM1 and IM3. I will tell why I put these in the top 4

IM - first and a great freakin movie. Redemption film. The escape was masterful.

Avengers - LOKI! Next to RDJ he is Marvel's best deliverer. Of course there's all the other heroes in this film lol. Loved Renner's job on Hawkeye.

TWC - The fall of SHIELD was more intense than the invasion of Earth. It's freakin SHIELD! Invasion SHIELD was there. No SHIELD and a invasion? SCREWED!

IM3 - I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression (lost both parents) so the movie hits home. Tony shows how bad PTSD and all can be. It's like a soldier coming home from war and having to deal with the things they've seen and/or done and having to deal with it on a massive scale from almost giving his life to stop Loki and his army. Then it was also grounded because he's dealing with a more grounded enemy and having no suit.

Each film can arguably sit atop the list and I'd be able to live with.

But really.. Incredible Hulk wasn't as bad as people make it seem.

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