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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by X Knight View Post
yeah. I mean, I understand the approach WB is trying to take by choosing to release this current image of Superman in shackles. a different take that, from the looks of it, has succeeded in getting people talking.

but, at the end of a day, Superman is a hero, a symbol of hope and light. not some "villain" in shackles.

if WB only released promo images and posters that show Superman in dark light, or give off a moody, somber, depressed vibe, you'll give people the wrong impression ( unless, of course, the movie really is like that ).

you have to play up the heroic side of Superman, too.

give us at least one powerful, epic image of Superman looking heroic..........
I'm sure we'll get plenty of heroic Supes in marketing when the time comes. Right now, what they need to sell is the idea of Superman as a more complex character than he usually appears.

The image of Superman that the general public is used to is the one of him as a "figure of light" - but this poster is a reminder that he inhabits a dark world. I'm glad they're going for this angle early on.

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