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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Superman II, Batman Returns and Batman Forever were not disasters. They were all financially successfully and all of those films had and still have many fans.
Financially successful doesn't equate to quality, and you're more than intelligent enough to realize that. Each one of those films weren't as successful as their predecessor (aside from BF being more marketable to families thus the financial success) ...

Superman II was ruined with the replacement of Donner and then adding even more cheese and tongue in cheek-ness than what was already dating aspects of the '78 film. Batman Returns was obviously a very alienating film among the fan base. And it didn't have the commercial appeal of it's predecessor.

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat
I'll take odd and off beat over dull and bland any day.
Over a confused bland mess such as say ... Superman Returns? Completely agree. Seeing Nic Cage as Superman would've made me laugh like no other. It probably would've ended up being a giant un-intentional comedy.

It still most likely would've failed as a film though in terms of quality. Seems like from leadership down the focus of the movie was still in the wrong place, as it was ALL the WB films post Batman '89. The focus wasn't on the material, the source, or being a quality film. The focus of the studio and producers was their business ties with toy companies and other merchandising venues.

Superman Lives was no different. Just look at all the unused toy concept art that was being designed before the finalized film aesthetics were. It was influencing the design process. Which is terrible. It should be the other way around, when the look for the film is finished then the merchandising companies get the blueprints to make their products.

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