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Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
This movie obviously would've been quirky, peculiar and unique visually (it is Tim Burton after all, that is the extent of his depths as a film maker)
Burton at the time was very good at depicting alienated characters and I mean beyond the visuals alone.

Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
But this movie surely would've been a disaster on scale with the Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin of the world.
Superman II, Batman Returns, B. Forever were disasters? I wasn't aware. Nor did I know that they were in the same bag as B&R, SIII and SIV.

Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
Kevin Smith clowned this movie, and he worked on the damn script. That tells you all you need to know.
Kevin Smith clowning about this just tells me he was spitting sour grapes as he had fired from the project after all he wanted to work in it.

Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
A known big name actor as Superman? Especially one as odd and off beat as Nic Cage? Stupid decision.
Yeah, what's exactly wrong with a big name as Superman?

And I know Nic Cage doesn't scream Superman to anyone. just like Michael Keaton didn't scream Batman. Not saying it's the same case, but without seeing the movie it's easier (although it should be harder) to pass judgement.

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