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Default Re: the big bad Star Lord thread

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Nova will inevitably become one at some point. Probably even before the movie comes out
Yeah, I still expect him in this movie. I know that him and the other characters aren't part of the team but I really doubt Marvel/Disney starts making 3-4 different cosmic movie franchises. It makes sense to have them involved with the team.

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I felt that way about the idea of them going with the 31st century GotG over the modern team, but being realistic, the current GotG team only had 25 issues. I guess they could adapt other cosmic tales for sequels, but it seems inevitable to me that the 31st century team will come into play.
I think they have enough material in the Annihilation stuff and the other cosmic stories that have come out recently to do multiple sequels and not have to delve into that 31st century stuff. Though I wouldn't be against it completely it's just something I rather not see. Though, the Star Trek movie did time travel fairly well IMO so it can be done.

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