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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Thats because Syria is a cluster**** that could be bad for the west if they directly get involved.

It was more clear cut in Libya that it is in Syria. The West is giving the Syrian Rebels weapons and communication equipment anyway. We just aren't giving them air support like in Libya.
I agree...I know that there is the major fear, and well founded I'm sure, that the rebels are not in this for freedom for all, or Democracy. I can definitely see why they are shying away from Syria...but they could do a no fly zone at the least....OR ratchet up the rhetoric and tell Iran and Russia to sit down and shut up while this gets worked out.

It's a tough place to be, because everyone knows that if the regime in Syria falls, Iran is its a rock and a hard place there. Do we help the rebels as we did the Taliban/Bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 90's to throw out what we thought was the bigger enemy, the Soviets????? It is a hell of a problem.

Which is why I think we should stay out of ALL OF IT, Mali, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, etc..... but damn that oil.


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