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Default Re: X-men Movie Timeline

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds View Post
I'd prefer to simply ignore Origins and say the new films all take place around the early to mid 00s.
Right now, the only thing that needs to be ignored from Origins is assuming that the girl who shifted to diamond form was Emma Frost. We just can say that Kayla's sister and Emma Frost who appeared in FC are two different people.

We also don't have to ignore the fact that Cyclops met professor X in this movie since they have yet to introduce Young Cyclops in the other films. Its not yet to clear if we are ever going to get a First Class movie that will introduce young Storm, young Jean and young Cyclops. It will take a while before FOX announces which movie is going to be released after DOFP. Plus we already seen how Professor X met Jean and that happened at the beginning of X3. The only one that we really haven't seen is how Professor X met Storm.

For me, the only continuity errors that can't easily be ignored are; the Sabretooth that we saw from X1 and the Sabretooth that we saw from Origins are totally different and the fact that Professor X can still walk when he met Cyclops in Origins and Jean in X3.

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