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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by ScarecrowMan666 View Post
The hunt has been slow as of late. I'm still lacking three figures from completing the bat signal. Ra's (naturally although I was supposed to get it from someone on here but haven't heard from him in awhile), Alfred (will probably be the last I acquire, as he'll most likely involve the most cash output), and Goggles Up Cats (I have goggles down, but she didn't come with the signal piece as I got her second hand). I most likely won't worry about the Walmart exclusive Gordon, as I have the Legacy version from the 2 pack, and I really don't care about having a busted bat signal face plate. I still want that damn Bats/Bane TRU 2 pack, but on ebay its still pretty ridiculous and is worse so on Amazon. I've decided to kill out TDKR and then worry about the TDK stragglers. Really with that line I'm just lacking Harvey(he'll be so easy to get he'll most likely be the last one I worry about EVER), Fear Toxin Bats(this one will suck to get...I don't like to think about it), unmasked Bats(pick him up in the trilogy pack and then WOO!), and that freakin Batpod (another one I despise thinking about...I mean really how did that thing get so rare). I will be happy to finish the Movie Masters line, but I will also be sad...because it will be the end of a collection. Since 2008, I've collected this line on and off, and it has brought me great joy. When I have it completed...I will feel an emptiness I'm sure. I guess after this ladies and gents, it will be onto preparing ourselves for the Man Of Steel Movie Masters. Which I hope is just as awesome as I believe it will be.
Hey, what is your spending limit for toxin and unmasked Bats from TDK? Some start at $60 online. I still have Harvey and Begins Bat here for you.
Even with a $5 off coupon at TRU, the 2-pack still comes to $30. Maybe close to the DVD release in early December they will mark that price down.

I'm still looking for a Ra's too for a friend. Will keep an eye out on Amazon.

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