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Default Re: Episode 21: The Undertaking -Rate & Review Thread-

Straight from the get go I knew this show was back on track, that opening was pure awesomeness. The action scenes this week were absolutely incredible, especially the fight scene in the Casino. Best of all though was the scene at the end where he went to find Walter, he kicked so much ass it was EPIC!

Stephen Amell continues to impress me at his diversity when playing Oliver in flashbacks and modern day Oliver.

This episode had a great premise of Oliver tracking down Walter, they've really dodged this issue for far too long now so it's great to see them finally tackle it. When Oliver discovered that Malcolm and his Mum were in league regarding Walters kidnapping I was like .

So we finally got confirmation of what the Undertaking is and to say this film is taking cues from Nolan's Batman well this had League of Shadows all over it. Not a bad thing mind. Also holey revelations Batman on Malcolm and killing Robert. It was interesting how the flashbacks were of Robert and the Undertaking this week, although I did miss the Island flashbacks.

Cannot wait for next week and I hope Roy Harpers back.


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