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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

So I'm gonna create a list of great Storm moments off the top of my head from the films (yes I'm that bored at work,lol):

Storm and Cyclops Save Rogue and Wolverine
Storm emerges from the elevator creates a storm and fries toad (that moment when she walks outside towards toad and raises her arms, classic)
Storm lifts wolverine into the air(Halle's delivery of 'Hold on to Something' is nearly spot on)

In the Special features of X1 there is a Storm costume fitting feature that shows Halle wearing a wig that's a bit different from the one in the actual film I actually like it more. Halle actually looks her most exotic and Storm like in X1.

Storm teaches the class at museum
Jean and Storm get bored of Nightcrawlers teleporting act
Storm and Nightcrawlers 'Faith and Anger' conversation
Storm creates tornados
Storm leads the team in coming up with a plan to get into the spillway/Storm tells everyone where to go once in the spillway
Storm recognizes then freezes Jason 'its about to get very cold in here'

Storm gets upset and weather reflects mood
Storm takes flight at Jeans childhood home then becomes the eye of a tornado
Storms Eulogy
Storm and the X-Men enter the fight at Alcatraz
Storm takes on Callisto and fries her

Storm and Halle have actually had some good moments in the trilogy I hope this list can expand with the inclusion of DOFP.

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