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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
The questions are: Why did he take Scott's place and why did he take Storm's? The answer is: Because Kinberg and Penn.

"Bryan Singer did more for the X-franchise than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to be exiled to WB for 4 years for our dream to live."
Yeah, I'm not gonna sit here and give Singer a pass he is just as responsible for Wolverine taking center spotlight as Kinberg and Penn. And though he has made on decent x-men film (X1) and one great one (X2) I still wish Vaughn would have come back to co-direct (the first class cast) or a reboot with a different director and vision. I can appreciate what Singer has done but I just have never really liked him with this franchise.

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