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Default Re: Dumb moments in good movies

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
Man of Steel

Lois gets a cop to bring her back to the Kent farm. Superman just so happens to be standing there talking to his mom... with the cop standing by his car in the background.

How did the military get the ship that brought Kal to Earth?

He tells them he grew up in Kansas.

How do they not know where he "hangs his cape"?
"Clark Kent: But you can't be(replaced). Mom, Zod said this codex he's looking for can actually bring my people back.
Martha Kent: Isn't that a good thing?"

No Martha Kent, that is not a good thing. They wrecked Smallville, and killed many people. They held you by the neck and thrashed your home. MORE OF THEM IS NOT A GOOD THING!

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