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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Yes, indeed. But of course, back in 1999 when X1 was filming, it was a more uncertain time for comic book movies.

However, there is no such excuse these days.

X2 is solid but not epic, and while X3 did have a good amount of scale and excitement, it didn't have strong enough filmmaking to sustain itself. First Class is an odd one to explain.

I certainly do hope the X-films reach their full potential. While the Marvel Studios films aren't perfect by any means, they never hold back. And Nolan's Batman films haven't held back either.
IMO, there was no excuse the day Spider-Man 1 broke box office records and went on to gross 400 mill domestic. And that's only two years after X1 came out.

It's like you said: they've been holding themselves back. You've got the much loved Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, McKellen's Magneto and Stewart's Professor X, a tried and true cast of iconic comic characters....and the highest grossing film so far has only been in the 200 mill range domestically?

An X-Men film potentially has the all out action of Avengers AND the darker social themes of a Nolan Batman flick.

Fox needs to step it up big time for this, IMO.

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