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Default Re: Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
The audience doesn't need to know things like background or explanations when it comes to cartoons and comics, because we accept the internal logic of the world established. In the movie world, there is no indication whatsoever that the city is inhabited by superpowered beings- and it wasn't Raimi's intent to try to establish such a thing.

The beginning had everything to do with the plot. Peter's life is already so busy and stressful and his Spider-Man persona adds to that. Having Spider-Man saving a child accomplishes the same thing that bringing in a new super-being (WTF) would accomplish except for being much more economical in terms of story telling and much less a bit of fan-wankery.
The audience did not need to know Shocker's complete background or explanations as to where he came from, just the basics like his name, weapons, and maybe a mugshot all presented on a quick news report. Peter's life being busy and stressful, while also juggling his Spider-Man persona, would hit home even more when he has to go out of his way to stop random super villain attacks on days when he thinks everything is fine. Not to mention it would have been a adrenaline rushing intro. It could have easily fit into the plot because it just replaced what Peter was already doing while accomplishing the same message. Just in a more powerful way, imo.

I'm not going to continue to go over this with you, especially when it's something that didn't even happen. I think it would have been an awesome intro with Shocker involved, and I also think that audiences would have not had a problem accepting it due to the beginning being so fun.

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