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Default Re: 2 Truths & a lie

I worked in the Hot In Hollywood Fundraiser last summer around this time. I worked all day filling over 400 gift bags worth of stuff somewhere in East LA. Later on I went back to the Avalon off Vine in Hollywood where the event was gonna be held that night. So I was allowed to come back as a guest and didn't have to pay. After I went back to the hostel and got cleaned up.

So while I was there I got to watch the show and mingle with the guests.
It was a weird feeling me being a cynical 20 year old east coat college student with my best friend walking around all these actors and actresses. I its funny I didn't even get ID at the bar. So later after the show ended and the after party upstairs was clearing out. I was cutting through the crowd of people and almost stepped on Neil Patrick Harris's shoes. And while slipping through the crowd I was saying excuse to someone I was cutting through and trying to hear what she said I turned around and while I was walked directly into the back of Kathering Heigle(Sp?) As she was cutting through the crowd and rather fast I might add. I said excuse me but she just kept walking in a hurry. After that I still just went walking around with other guests.

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