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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Like Marvolo said, this conflict is so old with innumerable open wounds on both sides that whole "yeah well they started it first" argument is rather juvenile and pointless.

I'm absolutely staggered at how so many people don't realize the fact that Israel has absolutely no genuine intention of a proper peace accord with the Palestinians. Forget about who fired first. To say that Israel has the upper hand militarily, politically and economically over the Palestinians would be an understatement, and the differences with regard to the extent of damage to life and property between the Israelis and Palestinians is disproportionate it's not even worth considering. Thanks to the unconditional backing of the U.S and stroking European guilt over the Holocaust, Israel has been able to sidestep any ramifications for its transgressions. There is absolutely no justification for these new settlements and it clearly shows Israel's intentions of blatant land-grabbing, but Israel knows it can show the proverbial middle finger to everyone as long as the conflict is still in play and they have their "self-defense" card, it can take any kind of unilateral action against the Palestinians.

You don't concede when you have the upper hand in every conceivable way. You make the other party concede to your demands.

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