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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Israel Moving Forward With Controversial West Bank Development

Israel said last week that it would revive the controversial project in response to the U.N. General Assembly vote to upgrade the status of Palestinian territories from “entity” to “nonmember observer state.” For nearly two decades, Israeli governments had agreed with U.S. requests to freeze development of E-1.
This is pure spite on Israel's part.

There is also this:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended what he said was the country’s right to build in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and blamed Palestinians for circumventing peace talks by turning to the U.N. in its pursuit of statehood.
So now it is Palestine's fault for subverting the peace by requesting statehood and protection? What a load of BS.

The international community already considers Israel's expansions to be a violation of international law and the UN disapproves. Clearly it is time someone stepped in and stopped Israel.,5391046.story

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