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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Misguided argument considering that before TDK the king of the comic book movie world was spiderman with his spandexish costume and i see no rush to radically change his look for the nest film.

The FF movies had spandex, Daredevil had tight leather.

As for the X-men franchise they would not have been depicted in their traditional costumes even had Batman 89 never come out. I could almost book that.

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
But if not for Batman's black rubber, would we all eagerly run to see the colorfully clad characters without any regard for how "silly" they looked?
Rubber or no rubber batman is not a colorful super hero. He probably has the dullest colors of any major comic book character so why are you comparing the effect his costumes depiction should have on the "color" of others.

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