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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Nice try at a come back but I do show impact and influence of Carrie Kelley in my post as well as explaining the impact and influence of everything else from Dark Knight Returns.

If it were Jason Todd in that story like all the other Batman comics at the time or some other boy as just another Dick Grayson replacement, another carbon-copy of Dick Grayson's Robin, as Jason Todd was at the time, then it definitely wouldn't have been as seminal at all. It's the fact that it's a girl Robin with her own personality and style of speech and not a Batman junior at all, not a carbon-copy of Dick Grayson, that helped make Dark Knight Returns so groundbreaking, original and influential. She's a very different concept for Robin than what anyone was use to. Her parents were not killed, she isn't a ward of Bruce Wayne's or adopted, she isn't a junior Batman. She's not a Batman-wannabe. Carrie has her own personality, her own life, she is very modern, she is very different than Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian. She's refreshingly different. The most radical departure from the norm, the female Robin, works because she's a spin on the classic formula.

The impact and influence of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which features Carrie Kelley, out weighs hundreds of stories featuring Tim and Dick. Tim and Dick appearing in more stories does not make them better characters. It makes them overexposed and milked to death.

It's in constant, continuous publication. It's never gone out of print, because it continues to be a big seller. They are still reprinting it. They've even done a huge sized Absolute Edition of that story featuring Carrie as Robin. They've never done that for any of the hundreds of stories featuring Tim.

She's the most influential Robin since Dick Grayson started the side-kick craze in 1940. Tim Drake has a lot more stories written about him than Carrie Kelley, surely, and that doesn't make him a better character. As a character Carrie Kelley entertains me, Tim Drake – on the other hand – is the most boring character. He's been too fleshed out and overexposed to the nth degree and been milked to death.
All the cool stuff you just said about how seminal a character and amazingly memorable and influential Carrie Kelley was, was just, I don't know a little discredited?? By this.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I forgot there even was a Robin in DKR.
Can't recall anyone forgetting that there was a Tim Drake or a Dick Grayson.

And in terms of not wanted to be a "Batman wannabe", she kinda was, and was definitely a Robin wannabe...just look at her look at Jason Todd's costume.

And as for the guy who said he's glad Jason died, me too. That's what made his influence so great in the mythos...his death rocked the comics harder than almost any other character's in the comics.


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