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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by Nevincer View Post
Some of the opinions in here are not only baffling but unsettling. Batman Begins was a fantastic film, and remains one of the standout comic book films to date. Was it perfect? Of course not, but it's daringness to utilize less colourful villains than what had been done previously in the film franchise and some playful dialogue/redundant exposition are blown way out of proportion as critiques, especially when compared to it's successor.

Does TDK improve on these things? Of course, and not necessarily to "fix" anything, but due to a maturity in the direction of the story and Nolan's presentation. Does that make Batman Begins any less of a great film, or less of a critical tale in the Nolan mythos? Of course not. But were some of the perceptions on this site taken as gospel for Team Nolan, you'd think they were shooting themselves in the foot by bringing TDKR full circle with the original entry. Thank god Nolan isn't as ashamed of Begins as some of the fans are... it's a great film, a part of a great trilogy, and the end I have no doubt will be a fantastic testament to not only how good the middle was but how the beginning was as well.

Imo, Nolan saw the mistakes on BB and improved them great in TDK. Less repetition, less shakiness during the fights, no simple mistakes(like a leg standing up during the dock fight after Batman knocked everyone down). Plus, with that underdevelopment feeling of Ra's al Ghul, a GREAT villain in the mythos, he seems to be exploring the character a little more in TDKR and that might make up for what we got in BB that felt underdeveloped. The only villain that will probably feel "lost" with not getting as much development as he should will be Scarecrow.

Nolan has definitely embraced BB, even if some calls it faulty which I applaud

Perhaps that's also because he never dares to visit the internet.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Yeah, the dialogue of fear on constant repetition did get too much. It's like Nolan was afraid we'd forget what the theme was or something.
'Fear' and 'secrets' get tossed around a lot in BB, while in Iron Man 2 the word 'legacy' should've been used more than it did as that was really the "theme" of the film but it certainly didn't feel like it.

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
I agree. Except that I blame Goyer.
Agree. Goyer may have helped BB in certain ways, but his script was one of the low parts of the movie. But, at least it's better than his directing.

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