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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by 8Diagrams(WU) View Post
Interesting discussion. The pricing will go down signfinicantly because otherwise they cant kill the black market if the black market is allowed to compete by selling at lower prices than the goverment. Id say were looking at less than half the cost of street price which still leaves a nice piece for taxes.
Yeah, they're definitely aware that they can't price/tax it too high. At $150/oz., the total taxes would only be another ~$32.25. That's using the state's 2.9% sales tax + Denver's 3.62% sales tax (as an example) + 15% excise tax. That makes the total cost around $182, which is a huge discount from street prices, which are probably between $250-350/oz. And honestly, that price is probably on the high end.

Not the mention the other benefits: no risk of arrest, higher quality, more consistent product and convenience. If they do this right, the black market for marijuana becomes like the black market for alcohol: very small, largely insignificant, and only utilized by total weirdos.

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