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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

It's funny you should say that Angamb. Storm is the leader of the X-Men and that alone should warrant a story in itself. In the comics storm was struggling with the pressure of being a leader, they could easily incorporate that into the story along with her crazy powerful action scenes. If Storm isn't in this its because Singer didn't want her in this not because she didn't fit the story.

I wonder who will be the leader of the X-Men now Cyclops is dead and Storm isn't in this. I hope they don't go with Wolverine, although he's been front and center in every movie they have never outright made him the leader (though they were bordering on that in X3) Logan doesn't work as a leader.

Maybe they'll do an AoA and make Magneto the leader.

*groan* I so want storm to be in this. It's been two whole films for crying out loud!

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