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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
I just feel like people want the trunks because they're used to it and nothing more. For example (and be honest with yourselves here) if we'd never ever had trunks on the batman suit would ANYBODY be suggesting they bring that into the design now? Anybody suggesting that would be ridiculed immediately.
You're basically asking us what our preferences would be if Batman's visual iconography as we know it never existed, which isn't a fair question. Would anyone be asking for Superman to wear red and blue if J&J had decided to dress him in green and silver?

There simply is no reason or good argument for them beyond 'theyve just always been there and I'm used to it, so why not use them?'
It all comes down to personal preference and execution. Batman wouldn't look objectively sillier if he wore briefs.

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