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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
Even if that was the only argument. so what? Thats's as good a reason as "the trunks look stupid."
And as to the point in your first paragraph, I would argue the opposite point, if no-one (I blame Burton for this specifically) had ever done a Bat-suit without the trunks would we be having this argument now? No, we wouldn't. Since we have had both with and without, your point (and mine by extension) is invalid.
Actually, I think you prove his point even further. Since we haven't had a batsuit with trunks on film to this point, why revert back to something that hasn't been there? Let the comics have the trunks (which, again, seem to be fading out a bit as it is) and keep the live action films without. I mean you may be right, if Burton had done a good suit with trunks it probably wouldn't be topic of conversation now, but he didn't. I'm sure the producers wanted to take the character in a more dark, believeable route and said, "What if we left off the trunks?" The people making the decisions liked that idea and the rest of history.

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