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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

I mentioned this awhile back, it's kind of amazing on how many similarities "Man of Steel" shares with "Thor: The Dark World".

  • Both Zod and Malekith had large spaceships in their respective films, with smaller fighter crafts at their disposal as well.

  • I've read enough posts to realize that people generally thought Faora and Kurse (both of whom are the second-in-command of their villainous teams) came off as more "bad-ass" than their leaders (Zod and Malekith), especially when it came to inflicting some serious damage towards the main heroes.

  • The Kryptonians, led by General Zod, and the Dark Elves had armor that consisted of both groups wearing masks that helped them adjust to certain climates.

  • Gotta admit, I found these shots filmed somewhat similar when it came to framing the characters.

  • Both Superman and Thor's enemies are responsible for murdering at least one of their parents, with Zod having killed Jor-el and Malekith having killed Frigga....and with both having died by being stabbed near their lower abdomen.

Other similarities that the films share with each other are:
  • Superman and Thor both fight their main villains (Zod and Malekith) in a battle that ends up taking place throughout their respective cities.

    Despite all of the destruction that has taken place from both of their villains, the aftermath is somewhat ignored and we're rushed to the films' respective endings.

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