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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I mentioned this awhile back, it's kind of amazing on how many similarities "Man of Steel" shares with "Thor: The Dark World".

  • Both Zod and Malekith had large spaceships in their respective films, with smaller fighter crafts at their disposal as well.

  • I've read enough posts to realize that people generally thought Faora and Kurse (both of whom are the second-in-command of their villainous teams) came off as more "bad-ass" than their leaders (Zod and Malekith), especially when it came to inflicting some serious damage towards the main heroes.

  • The Kryptonians, led by General Zod, and the Dark Elves had armor that consisted of both groups wearing masks that helped them adjust to certain climates.

  • Gotta admit, I found these shots filmed somewhat similar when it came to framing the characters.

  • Both Superman and Thor's enemies are responsible for murdering at least one of their parents, with Zod having killed Jor-el and Malekith having killed Frigga....and with both having died by being stabbed near their lower abdomen.

Other similarities that the films share with each other are:
  • Superman and Thor both fight their main villains (Zod and Malekith) in a battle that ends up taking place throughout their respective cities.

    Despite all of the destruction that has taken place from both of their villains, the aftermath is somewhat ignored and we're rushed to the films' respective endings.
Those are some very interesting comparisons. I think you're definitely onto something with most of them......but not with Faora v Kurse. Faora has ten times more personality, and is much more badass, and hot too (and not in a Kurse, burning stuff way). Kurse gets a spear through him, and gets killed by a grenade....Faora takes a missile in the face, and it only messes up her hair.

As for the Dark Elves vs the Kryptonians, the Dark Elves are pretty much Cannon fodder. Two Kryptonians nearly kick the crap out of Supes, and take out a platoon of soldiers and some jets and helicopters.
The Dark Elves are kind of creepy, but the kryptonians are just bad-ass.

I really liked Thor TDW, but really think the major difference is emotional resonance. MOS is the story of a hero's journey from birth, to discovering his true identity to fulfilling his destiny and saving his adopted planet.

Thor is the story of a spoiled demi-god with daddy issues who learns to not be such a jackass over the space of one weekend, in New Mexico.

Thor TDW shows him a bit more grown up, but that's about as far as it gets in terms of his character development. Really, the most interesting relationship he has is with his brother (arguably because Hiddleston's Loki is the best of all Marvel's characters), Anthony Hopkins is great as Odin, but doesn't kick as much ass as Jor El. The Loki death scene is a good bit....until of course we find out he's still alive, although we already knew that because Marvel can't kill off it's best villain.

Now Zod, he's dead, because Superman had to make a hard choice.

And of course there's TDW's comedy sidekicks (and I'm not talking about the warrior's three, wish I was), because every great superhero movie needs wacky sidekicks, right ? **** no. Iron Man, any comedy sidekicks there, nope, Dark Knight, other than the sarcastic barbs of Alfred, not much comedy there.

Back to Zod, Zod is a more complex character than Malekith, who sacrificed his species so he could get away and then have a go at taking over the universe/destroying everything 5000 years later...... who's he going to rule with, since he sacrificed all his guys (including his best buddy Kurse)?

Plus Thor is just someone who's in Malekith's way, there's not the same connection between them that there is between Kal and Zod. Sure, Thor's grandad kicked his ass and he snuck off to sleep somewhere deep in space.
Zod has an intimate connection to Kal, he killed Kal's father, somewhat regretfully, but someone he knew personally, and he and Kal are inextricably tied to the fate of Krypton.

Okay, that's my ten cents, and I liked Thor TDW, it was good fun, and better than the first Thor movie, but it ain't the superhero odyssey that MOS is IMHO.

Very true about the rushed ending though.

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