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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Hard to compare...
I like Marvel´s film, they entertain me a lot and have good acting and great plots; but I think the late generation of DC films, with Nolan behind them, gives them a tone that I like more toward serious treatment of the subjects, trying to adapt them into a sort of realism, of course there is not much with Superman compared to Nolan´s TDK.

I will say though that the weakness of Thor´s film was the reasons behind the main villain, not that they weren´t understandable but it was bland, compared to the reasons behind Zod & Faora in MoS, we see several the sadness and heart break for what happened to their planet during many times in the film, so in a way those sentiments behind the villains make them stronger opposition to the hero of the film. Thor did well in the first film with the villain, but here this time they needed another villain to not overuse Loki and give him a sort of pseudo-redemption plot that never actually was :P ...

In both films I like more the charisma of the villains, in Thor TDW Loki steals the movie and in MoS, it is Zod/Faora; the other actors do great jobs but somehow, they wash out a little compared to the rest the characters mentioned above.

The Soundtrack in MoS is superb!! and the design of Krypton amazing... IDK how Asgard is in the comics, but I didn´t relate it much to the Mythology, and the entire ship flying scene reminded me too much of Star Wars, but the prequels not the first films :P

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