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I just watched this with my best friend, and he had the strangest, most hilarious reaction to it. He almost seemed intimidated by it, then he had a look of rejection to it, then it morphed into this curious wonder, then we both started laughing and started talking about it for 15 minutes.

It was hilarious - I saw like a wide variety of emotional stages on his face within five minutes:

*shrugs* - "I don't know. Whatever man."
*Look of "What pretentious little art-house shlock."
"If they had explained the science behind it, I would've liked it more."
"Eh, what was the point of (blah blah blah)."
"Oh, okay. I see."
"So, wait a minute. Why did..."
"Hmm, I'll have to see it again."

This is definitely one of those movies, that, if you're the only person you know who is into this type of thing, don't show it to other people. You sort of have to keep it to yourself. Like, if I showed this to any other friends, they'd probably tear it apart and I'd reach the point where I was questioning why they're my friends. (Not really, but at the same time - really.) It sucks. I don't know enough people who share my tastes.

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