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Default Re: Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I think the show would do better off they kept the Legends within a modern day period, where they would have to work towards stopping a certain series of events from taking place in the present timeline in order to change the future. This would then allow them to have more stable set pieces and locations without them having to spend more money in recreating another time period. If anything, they should keep the time traveling down to a minimal.

I prefer time traveling shows going to past eras because of the costumes and sets. Between the CW's Legends of Tomorrow and NBC's Timeless in just this season so far we have gone to:

The crash of the Hindenburg
WW2 New York
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Nazi occupied France
1962 Las Vegas
Feudal Japan
Nazi Germany
The American Civil War
The Alamo

And upcoming episodes include the Nixon and Reagan White House.

What other shows give such a wide variety of times and locations as these two? To me staying in the present sounds incredibly boring.

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