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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
That interest, however, is clearly underwhelming, so why don't you tell me why, despite inflation, 3D ticket prices, and having the second largest screen count of all the X-Men movies, The Wolverine not only opened the lowest but continues to gross the least.
It didn't look as big as IM3 or MOS, had a more adult vibe with no other recognizable characters, it's coming off a bad flick from 4 years ago and plus was out late in the game this summer. The main thing I think is blockbuster fatique has been brutal this year. Tough to name a film in the action or Sci fi category that actually performed well in July or August.

Compared to the other Sci-Fi/Comic/Action Flicks at the end of summer Wolverine did really good. Domestic audiences seem to be growing sick of these blockbuster flicks in general. I think TW will actually boost more interest from the character. Alot of positive word of mouth on it. This put him back on the map.

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