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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Promotion is promotion. Yeah The Lone Ranger flopped even if it had a SuperBowl ad, but other successful films such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, Oz the Great and Powerful and Fast & Furious 6 - all of them earned more than 200 million in the U.S. alone had a SuperBowl ad.
Iron Man 3 and Fast 6 made that money based on the strength of their franchises. World War Z had the current zombie fandom to thank for its success (it was also heavily promoted during The Walking Dead ). Star Trek Into Darkness underperformed in the US, and Oz was just a few weeks from release and was already being promoted on multiple channels.

And the price tag for a SuperBowl ad wouldn't reach $4 million if its just for nothing. Other studios are willing to spend millions of money to market and promote their films by buying a Superbowl ad spot, I don't see why FOX shouldn't do the same thing with their X-Men movies especially X-Men is one of FOX's most profitable movie franchises at this point.
You just answered why Fox has never needed to buy out a Superbowl spot for any of the X-Men movies. If its already a profitable franchise, why waste the money? They have their own networks to advertise on, which include sports that draw the same audiences that watch the Superbowl, for a whole lot less.

Not releasing a superbowl ad is just one of the issues with FOX's marketing campaign for The Wolverine.
No, it's not. If they were going to show a 30-second spot that was similar to the trailers and TV spots we did get, it wouldn't have made a difference either way. You don't have a previous X-Men Superbowl spot to prove that it would have been any different if they'd shown one now.

I also don't know why FOX isn't releasing their tentpole films in IMAX theaters while other studios like Disney/Paramount/WB release their tentpole films in IMAX.
The Wolverine didn't even need to be in 3D, much less IMAX. Now you're just wanting them to use a gimmick to sell their movies, instead of using a marketing campaign that sells the film on its own merit.

And if The Wolverine is a movie that people don't want to see, then tell me why did the film got more than $50 million at the opening weekend. I believe if they marketed earlier and better, it would have earned more money.
Because the trailers and TV spots were lousy, because it was coming after an already critically-reviled solo film, because blockbuster fatigue had already set in by the end of July, because reviews were good but not spectacular, because it was another solo film instead of a team film, because it had one recognizable star and an unknown supporting cast...

And there was a lack of early awareness with The Wolverine, you don't think there is because you visit this site regularly. But the Ga didn't know there was a Wolverine film this year until the late of March.
And a Superbowl spot would never have been the one difference that would have made the outcome any different.

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