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Default Re: All Things DCEU News, Discussion, and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
I think that the DCEU is being held up to an impossible standard. It's being treated like it's at it's 25th film.

Comparing to Marvel is the problem.

At this point Marvel had just made Iron Man 2. Let's put that in perspective. They had Iron man, Hulk, and then Iron Man 2. Regardless of how you felt about the films. That's not a huge universe.

Now getting each hero a solo film before JL?

Superman and Batman have had plenty of films. The GA knows these guys. The JL cartoons never needed to introduce solo series for most of the roster.

Plenty of ensemble movies don't have prefilms.

Avengers essentially reintroduces the bulk of the cast.

What Marvel did with their world building was build their studio. They had to build the foundation so they could expand.

The WB's infrastructure is already built.

Now again I think the DCEU on the internet has been held up to an impossible standard.

The Batman production is being treated like it's in development hell. Um plenty of films vet directors. Marvel has certainly done it. Thor has had three different directors. Captain America got new directors. Hulk hasn't seen a new film. Iron man got a new one for the 3rd.

With the Batman, too many sites kept using misleading titles. They took rumor as fact. They took interest as confirmation.

It's just so frustrating to see unfair reactions.
I'm reposting this.

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