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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Only Ford was amazing as Indy in Crystal Skull. The acting was the least of that movie's problems.
He was good in the movie, but it was kind of depressing seeing the image of cool as an old man. It'd be like seeing an elderly James Bond. The biggest problem with Crystal Skull imo was the audience however. People talk about how bad it was but it really wasn't any worse than Temple of Doom, and the stupid campy moments have been around the whole franchize. Not to mention Shia and elderly marian were much less annoying than the blonde girl and Short Round. Short Round and Jar Jar Binks are in a toss up for most annoying racist supporting characters of all time. Being said there are certainly a good number of people concerned over elderly Han, I mean he's not "passing the torch" in the way many have speculated elderly Luke could so it has brought some mixed feelings.

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