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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Jack Napier View Post
I think the only person on their A game in Crystal Skull was Harrison Ford. Spielberg, Lucas, Koepp, even John Williams, all kind of stumbling as filmmakers there.

I also feel Indy 4 had to be better than great for audiences to embrace it. It came off the heels of Last Crusade. At least with Episode VII, we've had the prequels to set our expectations.
I agree.

And Temple of Doom was okay. There are one or two parts worth remembering for me, other than that I always skip that one. That said it is more memorale than Crystal Skull. 1 & 3 are fantastic though. Feel like I am watching a serious and adult movie yet it's still fun. I don't know how Ebert could rate Doom higher than Last Crusade though. That baffles me.

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