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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
I agree.

And Temple of Doom was okay. There are one or two parts worth remembering for me, other than that I always skip that one. That said it is more memorale than Crystal Skull. 1 & 3 are fantastic though. Feel like I am watching a serious and adult movie yet it's still fun. I don't know how Ebert could rate Doom higher than Last Crusade though. That baffles me.
I like them all in general. Even if Temple isn't your cup of tea, I think there are visually iconic moments in the film. Like the heart scene, the bridge battle, and the mine cart chase. Of course, there's 'Prepare to meet Hell'. And if you want to include the gross 'bug/snake' dinner scene, why not?

The only thing people talk about with 'Skull' are the worst scenes: Nuke the Fridge, and Shia with Monkeys. As campy as all of the movies are, I think 'Shia with Monkeys' really really pushed it. Awful scene.

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