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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
I just don't understand the love/devotion to these actors who aren't even that good. Harrison Ford is the best of them, but Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher aren't exactly winning Oscars, and there are so many better (and younger) actors out there who would be great in these parts and would do a better job than the original trio.
But they are the characters. Arnie isn't a good actor but he IS the T-800. There are some instances where the actor and the role are 100% connected.

So we really want the old cast back--for what? So we can see a version of characters we love in their 60's and 70's just so the actors can reprise the roles?
Yes. If the story calls for those characters to be there, then it is only logical to get the original actors.

They barely resemble the characters they played thirty years ago,
Something called life and ageing.

At best, we'll get a story where the original trio play the roles of spiritual guides to a younger group, instead of what we could have, which is a movie where Luke, Han and Leia come back as the main heroes.
We had 3 movies of that. SW should expand and evolve. You indirectly accuse people of nostalgia, but you're doing the same. Most of us are more than ready to move on from the characters, it's just that it would be nice if the last we see of them is via the actors who brought them to life in the 1st place.

Trekkies let go of Shatner for the 2009 Star Trek movie...why can't we let go of the original trio for a new Star Wars sequel?
Because there was time travel involved and they wanted to do a sort of reboot for the franchise. That made sense. This is going to be "only" a sequel, not a reboot/sequel/prequel like ST09. And even for that they got Nimoy for a role slightly bigger than a cameo.

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