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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Yeah, that's why I'm skeptical of a young Han spinoff because we all love Han because of Ford. It's his nuances and unique 'everyman' qualities that made him special, and I think most of his 'ruggedness' came from his background in carpentry/construction.

Look at Chris Pine. I like the guy but he lacks what Ford has because Pine looks too handsome that it's unsettling. That and he's only a few notch from being generic. Lukily he had very strong scenes in Star Trek that made me like him in the long run. Also: That's why people are drawn to Karl Urban as McCoy more; he's manly but relatable.
I think that's the very reason Pine works as Kirk. He comes off as narcissistic, which was what Shatner (and his ego) did in ToS, which (let's face it) made Kirk the character he is.

Solo is a different beast altogether. He was always cocky and a daredevil, but (even in ESB) rarely sexually... radiant.

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