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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
I like them all in general. Even if Temple isn't your cup of tea, I think there are visually iconic moments in the film. Like the heart scene, the bridge battle, and the mine cart chase. Of course, there's 'Prepare to meet Hell'. And if you want to include the gross 'bug/snake' dinner scene, why not?

The only thing people talk about with 'Skull' are the worst scenes: Nuke the Fridge, and Shia with Monkeys. As campy as all of the movies are, I think 'Shia with Monkeys' really really pushed it. Awful scene.
That's exactly why I say there are definitely a few parts worth remembering for me about Temple of Doom, you just named most of them haha. Even tho it is somewaht just...saidstic. Just scenes of torture with no joy...kinda hard to watch, IMO. But I sure as **** didn't forget it lol!!

And I am right there with ya with Crystal Skull. And the ants. Yes, can't forget the ants. And those scenes weren't "bad" in the way like Temple, IMO, they were like "bad" in the way that "oh, this is silly". Temple was like "holy **** what the **** did I just watch?" for me, lol. I think Harrison was the only one who was "on" in Crystal Skull. There were some moments I enjoyed though like Indy in the diner and the fight there...for some reason (even though I detested Shia Labeouf's casting). Other than that I feel like Spielberg is trying his best to imitate himeslf, like "Is this what I'd have done in 1980? It's so tonally different from Raiders and Crusade, IMO. I feel like it's "goody" too. Raiders had a more serious adult tone to it, IMO. There was fear in it. Even Last Crusade maintains this.

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