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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

That's the thing about Han's portrayal in Return of the Jedi that was off-putting*; he was smushy. Then again, it could've been the writing. Lucas and Kasdan didn't know if he was going to come back so they were writing the script till the first day of shooting. Maybe that's why it doesn't feel as polished as 'Empire'. That, and Lucas had a LOT more input this time around than with 'Empire'.

Anyway: While he had a few funny lines and there, Han was sidelined. His arc was over with Jabba and now he's just with the Rebels. He didn't have a lot to do. Hell, he didn't fly the Falcon nor even ride any Speeder Bikes. But he was humped by an Ewok, that's for sure!

I just hope that JJ and Arndt sees that, and maybe work up the sly rogue magic Han had in the first two movies but keep him mature enough to be Leia's man and father. I think he'll be the toughest OT character to write for, because you don't want him to be the old grump (I'm on vacation!) nor do you want him to wink at the audience either (like a shell of his former self; think of Jack Sparrow in the Pirate sequels including 4 and forced Johnny's performance was)

*I like Return of the Jedi so I'm not bashing it. It's the weakest of the OT, but it has great moments despite it's unevenness. That, who can deny the cultural impact of Slave Leia and 'It's a Trap'.

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