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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
But he isn't, and that's not going to change. Like, seriously. Even if they did want that to be a theory, you literally hear Killian pronounce "I am the Mandarin". Seriously getting tired of this argument.
Hence, why I said it could be explained in a call where Trevor tells Killian the trap is set, and for Killian to assume the roll of Mandarin (in case he is not successful in defeating Iron Man). This could be further explained by showing Trevor seeing Tony arrive at his lair on a monitor before making the call, and then after words by acting like he is an actor to mislead and misdirect Tony into the trap (just like we seen in the movie already). I mean with Tony thinking the Mandarin is dead, he basically walks away from everything done so far more or less unscathed. At worst Trevor is probably put into prison, where the film maker could totally make it seem like him getting in there was his intent all along and that his arrival in prison begins the next phase of his plan. I mean it could be that he is being held in a SHIELD prison with other Super Villains, and they have heavy security on people like the Abomination, and perhaps other Super Villains that we haven't been introduced to yet, and Trevor has little security on him as he doesn't appear to be much of a threat, but that is where they are wrong and it is his plan with getting in there to free all of them. I mean they did something similar with the Joker where they threw him in a jail cell thinking they had him right where they wanted him, when all along it was the other way around. Also, keep in mind, Trevor as Mandarin didn't have any power rings they were just symbols of the 10 rings, so taking Tony on in a head to head battle in his lair wouldn't make any sense as he would have gotten his butt handed to him. However, through the use of elaborate planning he could definitely be responsible for all kinds of mayhem against him and the government. I know some people might be against it, and I apologize because I really don't want to upset other comic book fans, but to me I can't help feeling that this would be a hell of a lot better then what we got, and it could allow for what I feel is a much better version of the Mandarin to return in a later film or for maybe him to join in an MCU version of the Masters of Evil.


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