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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by Chris B View Post
I think they left it ambigous enough where they could easily bring him back if the wanted to.

I was under the impression that Taggert's body wasn't really accepting Extremis, hence why there was nothing left of him. Conversely, Killian was able to survive Mark 42 exploding while encased in it. IMO, its not a stretch that he could've survived the missle detonation.

I guess my recollection of the events that went down in the final battle are a little sketchy as (due to my disappointment with the treatment to the Mandarin) I only viewed the movie one time. However, now that you mention it I do recall Killian surviving the exploding suit (guess I tried to block it out), so you may also be correct in assuming that he could survive a missle detonation. So, I guess we will see if he returns. If they do, I just hope that they change the way his extremis powers are portrayed to using more blasts from the hands (in place of his rings I suppose), because that whole breathing fire thing really bugged me. Also, I hope they get him away from the whole business man looking thing, and put him into something that makes him look more like a Warlord. They could even indicate that Trevor's version of the Mandarin was the concept of Killian who he himself has a love for the great conqueror's of the past, as he sees himself as one of them. Also, I would think if he returns it would be most likely in a Masters of Evil / Acts of Vengeance type format, and a more comic book type version of the character would seem to be more in place with the other villians (like Loki, Ultron, Abomination, and others) then a business man looking character. Ultimately if Killian survives, I would like to see him collect his rings from Trevor, Shoot blasts from just his hands (perhaps showing that he now has better control of his powers), and to wear a hood with some style of a robe, gown or perhaps even something else that pays homage to ancient warlords & conquerors. Then perhaps I could see Killian as the real Mandarin from the comics.


PS. I know Mandarin has worn suits at times in the comics, but the whole business man thing is so boring & overdone, and it seems like they do that for almost every villain now a days that it does not do anything to identify him as a character. I mean Loki wore a suit for a while, Dr. Doom wore a suit for a while, the suit doesn't help to give the Mandarin his own look that he is really needing. Anyways that all I have to say for now.

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