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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

After discussing the Mandarin with Teekay in a different thread, and having similar debates with Michael Chen regarding the character amongst others months ago. I guess I ultimately feel this way on the subject. I would have been okay with Killian as the Mandarin, as Killian shares many traits & qualities similar to the Mandarin from the comics. However, while a person or character truly is who they are on the inside (and I really feel they got that part of the character right), with such a visual medium like comics or movies I feel it is equally integral they get the look and powers of the character correct externally (which seemed off the mark). Also, I think that if Killian's powers were not just making him seem like one of the many extremis soldiers, it would have helped to separate him as a different & more menacing villain overall, and while Killian's look as a business man may have made sense for the movie (& even connected him to certain versions of the character from the comics), this look in my opinion did little to identify him as a unique villain & to me seemed very unimaginative for a comic book villain from a design stand point. If Marvel does bring him back, I hope they do more to tie Killian to the rings of power from the comics, even if through him using powers from his hands in the form of the extremis virus versus the actual rings. Also, I hope they do more to give him a more specific and individualized identifying look that resembles one of the other iterations of the Mandarin from the comics. At that point I could definitely see Killian as becoming the Mandarin from the comics, because as it stands now I feel we may have gotten the Mandarin in this movie, but I still feel we only got half the Mandarin from the comics.


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