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Default Re: Charles Melton IS Our (New) Reggie Mantle

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
Hollywood is slightly less racist and allowing them to actually work.
I'd like to say it's progress... but, it's only slightly better/worse.

As I said, it seems to be more half-asians than full-blooded in these new roles. The slightest drop of white DNA in these kids? The stereotyping is thrown out the window, both for the casting process and the characters themselves.

Ross Butler gets to play the jock- no mention of his race. Daniel Henney gets to play the bad guy, cop or CEO-- no mention of his race.

But Ken Jeong getting to play the teacher... and his race becomes one of if not the sole focus of his character. And in the typical comedic manner.

I'm not saying these mixed guys aren't Asian just because they're half-- it's great to see some representation in that aspect, but being half seems to be one of the only ways Asians can really "get in" Hollywood. Without being degraded, that is.

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